My Story

Hi guys! I’m Christy Love, creator of Choose Love Jewelry. Choose LOVE as in, Christy LOVE—get it? No?? Urgh, ok then! 🤪

I’m originally from Miami Beach but I’m truly a nomad—I’ve been moving around the USA for a while now, I’ve lived in about 3 different states within the past 3 years!

I guess you can say that I get bored of things quickly, which is prooooobably why lots of our jewelry doesn’t stay in stock for long. I’m constantly changing it up because I get so <yawn> bored of things quickly.

One minute I’m obsessed with butterflies, the next I’m obsessed with hearts and angels! Then sometimes I scratch the entire idea and start thinking of jellyfish 😂 super random, right? Yup! That’s me!

I would go on and on about why and how I started my brand, but I will keep it short and simple: I started by selling at farmers markets, but living in Miami, it is scolding hot about 359 days out of the year, so that’s when I started looking into selling online!

The rest is history.

I feel like the past year went by so fast for Choose Love Jewelry. It’s been so many years of trial and error, and it feels surreal to see where Choose Love Jewelry is today. I’m freaking excited you’ve decided to come along for the ride! Stick around and I promise we will have an awesome time 😜

Til next post,

💋💋💋💋 Christy

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