Choose Love Jewelry was started in 2016 by Christy Love. At first, we started selling at art shows and craft fairs. Christy designed and hand-made all the jewelry herself. Coming from a family of jewelers made jewelry-making second nature to Christy.
Choose Love Jewelry later on evolved into the online jewelry shop that it is today.
Christy personally wears every piece of jewelry in our store to ensure it meets the highest quality and comfort there is for our #luvvlies!
Christy understands the process of jewelry-making from beginning to end and is an expert at metals and gemstones, which is why we only carry the best for your dollar. 
In addition to jewelry-making, Christy has an extensive professional background in Customer Service and understands that it is an integral part of our brand. 
At Choose Love Jewelry, we love helping you express yourself through jewelry and creating keepsakes to last you years. 

Quality is "our thing!". We are true believers of not having to break the bank just to get quality jewelry. It upsets us when we see retailers charge big money for zinc jewelry that turns color after a few wears.
However, what truly sets us apart from the rest is our cute packaging and our LOVE for our customers. Even if you purchase something years ago, we will always try to make you happy.
We have a strong background in customer service: Our dedicated team is committed to making your shopping experience as enjoyable as possible, while keeping you looking like the Goddess you are.
Choose Love Jewelry got its name from the philosophy that "in all you do, in all you say--Choose Love!"
So, from our jewelry box to yours, we hope you LOVE your shopping experience at Choose Love Jewelry!